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Saturday afternoon quiet.  It’s been a good, full week: wrote a song with Jeremy Riddle on Monday which I performed Tuesday night at the first Home Session: a blast by the way, broadcast live from my living room to yours!  My thanks to all who participated, chatted, supported Compassion International and demanded the 20 minute encore!

Wednesday morning I wrote with April Geesbreght, the author of My Hope is In You, and we wrote a joyful song about our insufficiency and His provision.

Thursday I raced off to St Louis for JoyFM’s 14th Birthday Celebration, every February they celebrate by hosting a concert each Thursday called the Sofa Series.  I’ve had the privilege of performing there before, 3 years ago, just a couple weeks after Michael was born, and I could never forget that crowd of people who came ready to worship.  7eventh Time Down did a great job opening, great guys those Kentucky boys.

Friday morning I was scheduled to be on the JoyFM Morning Show, set my alarm for 5:30am, or thought I did.  Greg Lee, my Road Manager, texted me at 6:49am “Car is by the front door”  I was already 9 minutes late! I jumped out of bed, packed my clothes, brushed my teeth and made it to the car in 7 minutes.  Never in my 10 years of “road-ministry” have I completely missed a wake-up call!

10 years!!! Thursday, Feb 5th marked 10 years to the day that I signed a recording contract.  Couldn’t be more grateful for the journey on which I’ve traveled.  I look forward to seeing what God has in mind for the next 10 years.

For now, life is full of soccer games, swim meets, songwriting …and a Worship Service tomorrow to prepare for!