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The short little month of February flew by like it always does and now our wall calendars have green all over them, but Pennsylvania still has a fresh half-foot of snow on the ground if not more.

It’s been a full month!  Writing songs and preparing for the new album, I’m truly excited about these songs: I’ve been leading them at my home church and look forward to worshiping our God with you, singing these songs!

I introduced a new song 2 weeks ago at my second Home Session concert (occurring every other Tuesday night) when we reminisced the songs from my first album, Anything Worth Saying and supported Cure International.  Tomorrow, I’ll be playing through some of my favorite songs from my second album, Whispered and Shouted and raising awareness and support for another ministry I love, The Children’s Heart Project of Samaritan’s Purse.  As always, all your ticket and tip proceeds go directly to them.  And there’s always a prize for the top 3 tippers.  Either way, come hang out!  It’s only a 10 cent minimum and we always have a good time: spread the word: tell your friends and enemies. 😉

I have to tell you about a great experience in Eastern Tennessee last week: my second CentricWorship retreat, designed to provide opportunity for worship songwriters to gather and create with each other songs to bless the church and give voice to our worship.  I pretty excited about these songs and I think I may have to play one of them (if not two) tomorrow night, so again, would love for you to join us.

Back home now: family meals and movie nights, church events, swim meets, soccer games, driveways to shovel, friends to catch up with.

It was a good, short month.  Spring is around the corner!