What an incredible past few days. Months of emotions were packed into hours. I wrote the last blog a little over 24 hours after our boy was born and we discovered that he probably had Down Syndrome. My emotions were true to where I was, where we were: raw. That was Saturday morning and now it’s Monday night. 227 life-breathing comments on the blog later and a good many more on Twitter, Facebook and my website and Sarah and I are excited about this new adventure that God has plopped us in! 😀 The tears that we have cried have gone from shock and fear to utter awe at God’s magnificent love evidenced through each and every one of you. It’s like you conspired to make your stories all the same…“We found ourselves in the same situation, we were afraid, but that passes and your boy will be the biggest blessing you could never have lived without!” I swear half of you adopted more babies with DS after your first. And none of you corrected me for spelling Down Syndrome wrong each time I typed it! (I fixed it, don’t check) which tells me that somehow, and I have a hunch how, Christ has rubbed off on you in a big way and you know how to show GRACE to people who are wrong and not as far along as you are. Bless you, Bless you, Bless you! Not for the grammatical oversight, for the general LOVE you showered us with. (See, one should never end a sentence with a preposition…Ms Byrne.)
Aaron and Sarah emotional update: We are good. By the grace of God we are good. Thank you for your prayers and stories and encouragements.
Michael update: Michael has been in the NICU since his birthday. He acquired a staph infection that led to sepsis (Medical people, please offer me the same grace my grammatical friends showed me) they couldn’t pinpoint what it was until last night. But were giving him an antibiotic cocktail and eventually his white cell count began to lower and is still coming down: great news.
He was having a bit of trouble eating so they gave him a NG (Nasogastric: nose to stomach) feeding tube. (Nicky had an NG, NJ, GJ and currently has a G tube…they were comparing tubes tonight). His bilirubin is up, so he’s under the blue lamp, and his temp is low, so he’s in the tanning bed.
He is an absolute doll and I love him to death. Sarah is staying in the NICU around the clock, just like she did last year with Nicky. I picked up my 2 oldest boys last night and brought them home for some ‘normalcy’, but we’ll make daily trips downtown until they come home. I sang and strummed them to sleep tonight. The all request set list was Rest In the Arms by Daddy. Little Nicky and Oh Mommy by Daddy, The Chain Gang by Sam Cooke and Give Me Your Eyes by good ole Brampo Neap. 
If I had no Hope. If we had no trust in a Perfectly Loving God’s Perfectly Loving Plan…I wonder how nuts I’d be right now. Our very lives rest in the palm of His hand. There is no need to fear.