Screen Shot 2015-07-09 at 1.18.39 PMAugust 28th, 2015 is when my next album, Doxology, will be released and I couldn’t be more impatient!  I’ve been writing songs for this album since the beginning of 2014, 36 songs written in all, which isn’t a lot for some people, but it was a lot for me!  We only recorded 8 of those 36, because I fell in love with two other songs I really wanted to include in the message of the music.

It really is a message, not just a random collection of songs, they’re songs with lyrics that speak to where I was journeying, even on the days they were written.  They’re songs that speak to the collective heart of my church as we sing them together on Sunday mornings, and they’re songs with a common theme.

Imagine a moment in the future, whatever your opinion of how and when Jesus will return, imagine that’s already happened.  Satan’s influence is forever ended and we are gathered by the millions around the Throne of Heaven.  Just like we’d been singing for years, the “Royal Diadem” (The Crown) is literally being brought forth, raised high by an Archangel I imagine, and then held above the head of Jesus as He kneels in the center of this scene.  The vast crowd is hushed with anticipation.  The Crown is lowered onto Jesus’ worthy brow and He is declared, for all time and eternity, “King of Kings and Lord of Lords!”  The roar of approval and celebration will be deafening and the ensuing afterparty will be one for the ages!

I don’t claim to have created that soundtrack, but I used this picture to guide the songs written or chosen for this album.  Words accrediting our Savior with having stuck with us through thick and thin, having finished the task of defeating sin and death once for all, and being called “Victorious” by even Death and Hell!  Every tribe and tongue praising the Majestic, Great Overcomer Who cannot be tamed!  Our standing in victory because of the work of the Cross and safely in the hands of our Triumphant Conqueror forever and ever!  I could go on, highlighting themes existent in the lyrics of Doxology.

The word doxology means ‘a liturgy of praise to God’.  Doxologies are often spoken or sung at the end of a service or a book in the Bible.  This doxology takes the mindset of the end of time, when we can truly, finally, honestly confess that we want nothing more than Him.

I did include a song called Come Quickly, a prayer that while, ironically, is found in the last verse of the Bible, wouldn’t be sung at that afterparty, by then His deliverance will have come.  But I loved the song and its gospel sensibilities.

Stay tuned, I’ll talk more about the songs and how they were written in upcoming blogs, and maybe we can figure out a way to give you a sneak listen.  🙂

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