IMG_1344In the middle of a thunderstorm in East Tennessee with tornado warnings popping up on our phones, Always Will Be was born in a windowless room, where Benji Cowart, BJ Putnam and I felt safe to keep writing.  Hanging on the wall of our over air-conditioned room was a framed picture of Francis of Assisi’s Prayer, “Lord make me an instrument of Your peace.  Where there is hatred let me show love…”, a beautiful prayer I always thought would be great fodder for a song of worship.  So our first verse begins, “where there is heartache / where there is hatred / where there is suffering / You are there / where I was wounded / where I was weeping / where I was weakest / You were there.”

The name Emmanuel means “God with us”.  Jesus wasn’t exaggerating when He told us that He would be with us always, even to the end of the world.  That means in the darkest, most hopeless moments of your life, He is there.

One of my pastors, Jim Eaton, tells a story about when he was a boy and afraid to venture down into the dark recesses of his basement.  One time his father asked him to go downstairs to retrieve something and Jim indicated that he really didn’t want to.  He was afraid.  So his father went downstairs with him, stood next to him, then turned off all the lights!  Jim said that although he couldn’t see anything, and his imagination could have run wild with what was lurking in the darkness, he was at peace because he knew his father was with him.

You may be journeying through the dark night of your soul, but be at peace, our God, through the ever present comfort of the Holy Spirit, stands with you in the dark, in your pain, in your depression, in your anger, even in the blazing fire, he stands with you.

“Why would I run / I know You’re here / when You are with me there’s nothing to fear / Jesus You were / You are / You always will be”

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