IMG_1426My favorite line in this song is in the chorus: “Death and Hell call Him Victorious”.  While I knew that Death and Hell would be a horrible title for an album, I was really close to naming the entire album Call Him Victorious!  It’s quite honestly the perfect summary for the entire project.  (Read my Doxology Overview Blog about the coronation of King Jesus and the afterparty!)  But alas, Doxology “fought for the title and claimed it” (a foreshadow of yet another new lyric)

This majestic song…full of such truth…I fell in love with it the morning after it was written.  I can claim no responsibility in its creation: it’s one of two songs on this album I covered.  I was at the same writer’s retreat I referenced in the Track 1 blog, where for a week, we would break into groups after breakfast and write, then break into different groups after lunch and write again.  After dinner we would gather in a beautiful chapel and perform, sing, worship and record our favorite songs from the day before!  What an incredible experience!!!  Each morning we would brush away the cobwebs of sleep at morning devotions, coffee under our noses, and listen to ALL the songs that had been freshly written the day before (trying to remember how they went when it was our turn to share!)

Michael Farren, Kristi Nordhoff and Riley Enquist performed this amazing tune and everyone in the room knew it was special.  I knew I wanted to sing it for the rest of my life.

VERSE 1: There is no greater truth than this / There is no stronger love we know / God Himself comes down to live / and makes the sinner’s heart His throne


CHORUS: Oh praise the only One Who shines brighter than a thousands suns / Death and Hell call Him victorious / Praise Him…

Carrying the theologically thick and rich lyric is a soaring melody reminiscent of something Irish or Scottish or Scandinavian: something Gorgeous that you want to sing forever!  When we performed it the next night…it would seem that we could and did sing it forever!  Eventually, Michael, who was leading it, told all the cameras and lights to shut down so we could sing it into the night without any distractions.  (When there’s a camera in your face, you will be distracted)

I’m honored to carry this song.  My church has been singing it since January of this year and I believe it’s one of our favorites.  I pray its truth and beauty speaks to your hearts as well!

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