AS_lyric23Triumphant Conquerer is one of my favorite songs on Doxology.  It pumps me up, to sing of the absolute strength of our Lord Jesus Christ!  Corey Voss brought the first verse and a melody for the chorus to the table on February 11 of this year, and we set out to write a song that captures the majestic and victorious nature of our King of kings.


There is a scene in Ridley Scott’s movie Gladiator portraying the new (and villainous) Caesar Commodus returning to the city of Rome as the conquering hero in a grand procession; trumpets blast, rose pedals fill the air, the mob shouts their approval, some their disapproval, all while Commodus proudly stands on the back of his chariot, receiving glory, honor and praise for a victory that, in actuality, his father won.


AS_lyric24Often times, throughout history, when a king would return victorious to his people from battle, he would actually have, in tow behind him, the conquered people, military and even the defeated king.  This is the picture we see when we read Colossians 2:15!  Rick Renner, author of one of my favorite devotionals and a master of the Hebrew and Greek languages interprets this verse as follows:


[Jesus] completely stripped principalities and powers and left them utterly naked; nothing was left at their disposal with which to retaliate.  He boldly, confidently, loudly, blatantly, and publicly exposed and displayed this now-defunct foe, leading a gallant triumphal parade in celebration of the enemy’s defeat and His victory!


AS_lyric25Our King Jesus is, in fact, the Triumphant Conqueror!  From His victory at the Cross to His crowning glory when we all gather around His Throne and He, once and for all, makes a mockery of the sin that now so easily entangles, the Mighty Warrior will be forever praised by a symphony of angels, stars, galaxies and humanity, “He alone is worthy!







Aaron Shust/Corey Voss


Verse 1

Heaven is singing

Of all Your wonders       (Rev 15:3-4)

Angels declaring

Of all the goodness of God   (Rev 5:11-12)

And they will never cease to praise (Rev 4:8)


Verse 2

Creation trembles

At just a mention (John 18:6, Jam 2:19)

The King Eternal

Makes darkness vanish and hide (Rev 21:23, 22:5)

And we will ever sing His praise   



Triumphant Conqueror (Heb 2:7-9, Ex 15:1)

Forever glorious (Psalm 72:19)

Our Lord Victorious (Psalm 45:4)

You Are Worthy (Rev 4:11)

Our Mighty Warrior (Ex 15:3)

The banner over us (Ex 17:15)

Our Lord Victorious

You are Worthy

You are Worthy


Verse 3

The stars and galaxies

Lift up a melody

Infinite anthems ring

Echo the glories of God

And they will never cease to praise (Ps 19:1)


Verse 4

Here on the earth beneath

We join eternity

With grateful hearts redeemed (Col 3:16)

We crown You King and Lord of all (Rev 6:2)

and we will ever sing Your praise



We’re singing Holy Holy

Oh Holy Lord Almighty (Rev 4:8)

For there is no one like You (I Sam 2:2)

Worthy Worthy