It’s a sunny day in Pittsburgh which means that even though it’s 27ºF (it was 6ºF this morning!) with a snow covered landscape, I can sit in our unheated sunroom where it’s actually warmer than in the rest of the well-heated house.  On a cloudy day, it would be 27ºF in this room.  It’s rocking about 80º right now. Love it. #myofficeisasauna

The New Year brings an insatiable thirst for me to be inspired.  I watch a lot of concert footage of my favorite artists, behind the scenes stuff too, but more than anything it’s the 4 days of Passion that feeds me.  To be led in worship by friends, acquaintances and strangers; and taught Truth by the same is food for my soul.


There is this fascinating Twitter feed on the sidebar of the Live Link page which I often have to ignore because, like subtitles, I find myself forced to read them because they’re there.  I was initially shocked and angry when I read the first comment from someone who was not in agreement with what was going on at Passion.  Calling it names, demeaning its purpose and demeaning the people (the people?!) who are involved.  Incriminating the organization because of certain people or organizations with which it associates.  I was saddened as I read those words and dealt with the emotions in my gut, especially because while I was reading those words, I’m hearing in my headphones the name of Jesus being appropriately glorified in a theologically accurate manner by the people accused of being anti-Christ!  I was incredulous.
Granted, my opinion and my bias as to what is “appropriate” or “theologically accurate” must be considered and I am irrevocably on record that I know “I am not skilled to understand” all things about God.
The truth is: none of us are.
Since it’s so easy for me to identify the specks that are in my brothers’ and sisters’ eyes as they bash people who love Jesus and preach and sing His praise, I want to make sure that the next time I’m prone to throw rocks at (or simply dismiss) a person or group of people because they don’t believe, preach or live the way I think they should…that I look for the Truth.  Jesus is the Truth.  I will make decisions that you do not agree with, and I very well may be wrong in what I do.  But when I speak the Truth about God, you can still say “Amen” with me!
And please, drain the bathwater.