Someone asked me today how I would describe God’s love.

My favorite expression of God’s love is found in one of Jesus’ stories (parables): the prodigal son. Prodigal means lavish or extravagant. This son, one of two, demanded his inheritance early, was given it, and extravagantly wasted it. He sheepishly returned to his father who without hesitation, proved himself to be lavish and extravagant in his forgiveness. The father ran to his son, gave him a new robe, sandals and a ring, killed the fattest cow and threw a feast in his son’s honor: a dishonorable son. But the father didn’t stop there. He also showed love, patience, forgiveness, compassion and invitation to his oldest son, the “good son” who never left home and followed the rules…but who had an unforgiving, prideful attitude toward his wayward little brother. God is like that father: a Good Father, loving both the wayward and the self-righteous, forgiving without hesitation.

Regardless with whom we would most identify, God’s love is like the father who forgives, embraces, accepts and celebrates his children!