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I didn’t blog once in 2014 and honestly I don’t regret it.  I needed a break from the old blog.  I posted more on Instagram with pictures boasting more than 1,000 words each, but no blog.  I intend to remedy that in 2015 with the simple desire to weekly stamp what I’m doing and what I’m learning.  That’s it.  Nothing earth shattering.  What’s on my heart to do and what God’s desperately trying to teach me.  I’m a difficult student at times. 🙂

Late 2014 was a busy season with Fall and Christmas Tours and I knew I would need some time to breathe and rest if I wanted to continue, which I do, writing songs, recording, performing, leading worship at my home church and elsewhere.  I Love my Calling.  It’s not a job or a task or a career.  It’s not my only ministry, because I believe all of life, regardless of employment, is opportunity for ministry (the spiritual work or service of any Christian).  But it’s a big part of the ministry to which God has called me.

So, I Decided Not to Tour this Spring.  I have toured every Spring and Fall, with full summers and occasional busy Decembers, since Fall 2005 when Nichole Nordeman first invited me onto a tour bus.  So, indeed, this year marks 10 years of Road Ministry as I’ve been calling it, and I decided ending my first decade with a Period of Rest and Reflection was a healthy and much needed idea.  It’s good to be home with my wife and be able to read stories to my boys at bedtime every night, like Robin Hood, Moby Dick and The Chronicles of Narnia.  To take Daniel to swim practice twice a week, attend his swim meets, catch every one of Nicky’s soccer games, play outside, have family movie nights and board game nights, lead worship (or play piano and sing harmony!) at my home church every week has been such soul food.  Plus, my wife is literally a fantastic cook!

But I’m still keeping busy with music!  I’m going Back in the Studio in March to record my next collection of worship songs.  I’ve been Writing Songs Twice a Week with trusted songwriters and we’ve written 8 songs since January 7th that I am thrilled about!  We’ve already sung a couple at my home church and this Sunday I’ll be introducing a new song that Matt Armstrong and I just wrote yesterday: exciting! I have time carved out to write 12 more songs before actually hitting the studio…which makes me want to release a double album…but that won’t be happening. 😉

I’ll also be Leading Worship for a few conferences/events throughout the year, I’m pretty pumped about those, I love it when people come for a unified, specific reason, and have a strong desire to enter His Courts with praise. We always leave those event with our hearts full!

And just so I can keep my chops up and our friendship healthy, I’ll be doing Home Sessions about twice a month, little half hour web-concerts, from my home to yours, that will help support some of the great ministries I’ve had the privilege of working with.  I’ll play some of my radio songs, some deep tracks from my past albums and maybe even some sneak peeks from the new album!  All from the cozy comfort of my home.  So stay tuned, grab a cup of hot chocolate, enjoy some music and support some great ministries!

We’ll talk again soon,


PS. Just for smiles.