The Day: What a day. I held the fort at home. Successfully made oatmeal that the boys actually liked this time (just add more brown sugar, dads, you can’t go wrong) and ate some amazing Chicken Parm that my neighbors brought over for lunch. I also enjoyed it as a midnight snack last night and plan on repeating that event tonight.
Daniel had some sniffles, so the boys didn’t go downtown with me today, too precarious of a situation with Michael, so they played with friends and I headed to the Hospital with the primary purpose of moving Sarah’s stuff out of the NICU sleeping room that she got “kicked out” of (I don’t know why) and move everything across the street to a hotel that my amazing road manager Greg Anton Lee booked within about 3.5 minutes of my emailing him a plea for help.  (No, that’s not part of his job description. I owe him a box of Twinkies or something.) After I set up her room, I headed back to my friends’ place who were watching my boys and they had dinner for us. Also phenomenal. Now the boys are bathed and tucked into bed after the evening serenade.  (To which Nicky head banged and smashed his nose on the etch-a-scetch on his pillow.) Sarah called and informed me that the Hospital found a room for her and she and a dear friend moved everything back from the hotel to the hospital. And the hotel isn’t going to charge us! That was a Quality move Inn my opinion.
Michael: His cultures are coming back clear from the sepsis: great news! He’s not drinking the prescribed 35 mls per meal, so they’re still pushing his feeds through his NG tube. Not as good. They won’t send him home with a tube like Nicky did. His vitals seem to be strong, considering. No word yet on how soon he’d be coming home.
Sarah is strong and getting some more rest. She plans to sleep through the nights now and I’m quite happy about that. She plans to stay by her boy for as long as she is able. While I would love to have her here at home right now, and Michael too while we’re stating the obvious, I admire and respect her desire to not leave her baby bird with a broken wing. She knows what she’s talking about and she’s Michael’s biggest advocate there. My wife grew up with such an insatiable thirst to be a doctor, and though life led elsewhere…now we think we know why she did. She knows stuff about the medical procedures that the average bear doesn’t. And she often comes up with suggestions to consider that people in the room hadn’t yet. No offense to them, she’s just thinking about one case and one case only. (I’m referring mainly to Nicky last year) But she insists on sitting in on the Doctors morning pow-wow. I admire the mess out of that lady.
Me: I’m good. I’m probably spending too much time online and on the phone, but your comments are still breathing life into my bones. Some make me laugh out loud and shed tears at the same time. I can’t wait for that little guy to come home and join the rest of his Shusts.
Despite the turmoil, the evidence of the Spirit is all around.
In the Love of the saints,
The Joy of the Lord,
The Peace that passes understanding,
Through Patience in the face of uncertainty,
Through Kindness from you,
In the Goodness of the food you cooked!
In the Gentleness of my boys as they hold and caress their baby brother.
In the self-control of my wife when the hits just keep on coming.
…or maybe that’s Trust.
Resting in the arms of the One who won’t let go.