Michael Aaron – 6 days old.
Michael ate like a champion today.  He was required 35 milliliters per feeding and decided he’d consume 40 to show the hospital staff how it’s done.
Sarah continues to Blaze the Light of Jesus in Michael’s little NICU room.  There is no doubt in my mind that God is using Michael’s birth and his mother’s journey in his first week of life to call more than one person to Himself.  Tears are shed and questions raised that lead to answers about our Sovereign God.
Since Daniel and Nicky have been only slightly on the stuffy nose and coughing side of health, we’ve kept our distance from Michael the past few days and I’ve tried to spend as much time with the boys as possible.  We had another ‘sleep over’ in daddy’s bed last night, and spent the majority of our snowy day in the basement with a fire going, playing Battleship, Wii and freeze tag in our pajamas.  I think it was therapeutic for the boys, I know it was for me.
The past few nights, once the boys are bathed, in their PJs and in bed, we call Mommy, put her on speakerphone and say goodnight.  She prays over the boys, tonight each of the boys sang a song to her while I strummed, it’s a sweet time.  One more thing that gives those boys a sense of security.  But I look forward to those moments not being over the phone.  I pray it’s sooner rather than later.  I’m ready for my family to be together.  …but that’s just me being selfish. 😉
This just in: last feeding of the day: Michael consumed 45 mls!  Sarah said “This is a different kid from two days ago.  He’s turned into a piggy!”  I thank you for your prayers that turned my boy into a piggy.