My boy.
It’s Mother’s Day morning and the last day of the Called To Love Tour.  I’m sitting on the bus on a rainy day outside of Dayton, Ohio.  I just had a special Mother’s Day breakfast with Downhere’s own Glenn Lavender at the Bob Evens and now I’m waiting to be taken to the airport to pick up my rental car so I can start driving home as the strands of music from the last chord of my set are still ringing in the air.
Michael’s surgery is tomorrow morning.  I’ll get a couple hours of sleep after kissing Daniel and Nicky hello and goodnight in their beds, we’ll drop them off at the neighbor’s before sunrise and head down to Pittsburgh.  Michael has had a very hard time breathing in the last week, as expected with his heart straining harder and harder to oxygenate.  So this surgery couldn’t be a day sooner.
Contrary to rumor, Michael is not having a transplant.  His Complete AV Septal Defect demands Gore-Tex walls to be inserted that should stretch and grow for the rest of his life with valves inserted too.  His heart doesn’t work properly right now, Lord willing tomorrow it will, whether God creates flesh before the doctors get to it, or Michael will be part Gore-Tex for the rest of this life. 🙂
Because of his age and weight and the nature of the surgery, this is a high risk procedure.  I appreciate your concern and your prayers for the doctors and all involved!  We trust in God’s unfailing love.  We trust in His sovereignty.  We pray earnestly for a successful surgery and a quick recovery.
I will wait on You
You are my refuge