Daniel, Nicky and Levi: Play Day! 
Michael passed his hearing test today with a SMALL Nuk.
I dropped off Daniel and Nicky with their friends Levi and Jade around noon (thanks Joel and Chelsea!) and headed down to see Sarah and Michael.  The audiologists got him all patched up for his hearing test, which evidently you can sleep through when you’re 8 days old.  He passed with flying colors.  We learned that people with DS often have Eustachian tubes that are horizontal and not angled and are therefore more prone to ear infections.  Daniel had a million and Nicky had zero…so time will tell.  His blood-oxygen level was much better too, so his pulse-ox monitor was removed from his foot, enabling Sarah to wrap him up a little better.  One less thing that he’s plugged into.  And he’s eating like a champ still.  Keep in mind, he’s currently at 5lbs 2 oz…1 oz away from where he was at birth, but he was down to 4lb 15oz…so this is an improvement.
Whatever, Dad.
Our long time friends, Howard and Cherie (Papa Howie and Gramma Cherie to our boys) who lead our church’s children’s program came by to visit and brought a packet of cards that all the kids made Wednesday evening, welcoming Michael to our world.  They were adorable to read and pretty entertaining to see the personalities match the cards.  We had some good laughs.
Sarah and I shared a quick meal from Panera, then I kissed half of my family goodbye and headed home for the other half.  I sat in Pittsburgh traffic, which I enjoy for some reason, and listened to K-LOVE, blessed by the words of friends and singing along with their songs.   Well, I listened driving up hills, I lose reception driving downhill when leaving the city because my motorized antenna is broken. :/
Nicky fell asleep on the drive home. Tired and at peace.
Tough times are inevitable.  Being surrounded by love in the meanwhile (especially love that is responding to God’s love) makes all the difference.  I’m truly a blessed man.