Michael and Daniel making Pizza at The Oven in Wexford
Had a fantastic time celebrating Michael’s life so far last night.  We pulled out all the stops we could and if the fire code would have allowed we would have loved to have so many more people squeeze into that place.  So many of you have been praying for us and praying for Michael as he’s fought his way through his life with grace.  So many have cared for Daniel and Nicky.  So many have brought us meals.  So many have brought us milk and eggs and weird stuff that we like when we didn’t even ask!
One year ago today I wrote a blog explaining the fear and trepidation regarding how to proceed in raising a child with DS.  I can now say that by the grace of God, we know how to raise a child with DS for his first year of life.  And we’d have to admit we have no clue how to raise him from here on out! 🙂  But by the grace of God we will.  And he is so easy to love. 😉
Wish you all could have joined us as we killed the fatted calf last night!
Thank you for your support!