How I miss my family being together, especially this time of year.
Sarah remains with Michael at Children’s Hospital as we wait for him to make necessary weight gains before we can dream of him being discharged.  He’s only consuming about half of the ounces the doctors would like him to be consuming daily.  This morning the Feeding Team came in while Sarah was giving Michael his bottle and stayed with them for almost an hour, working with Michael to try every possible approach to get him to eat, but to no avail.  As discouraging as this sounds, it’s encouraging to have a medical team witness his difficulty as opposed it just being hearsay.
We are praying for healing.  We pray that his aorta would not be pressed again his trachea and he would be able to breathe without the need for another major open chest surgery.  We are praying that his ears would be opened.  We are praying for a voracious appetite.  I have no problem with Doctors receiving glory due their works, but I would rather see God receive all of it.
I am at home with my older two boys, Daniel having scored a fever of 102 last night, he is staying away from his baby brother and resting.  I’m leading worship tomorrow and Christmas Eve and therefore am so grateful for the help we have received from our church family as we navigate this difficult season.  Providing meals and watching my boys.
This is certainly a different Christmas than we had anticipated, but we count our blessings.
The Shust family appreciates your prayers.  For Michael’s healing, Sarah’s stamina and the hearts of two boys who miss their Mommy.
Through the storm He is Lord, Lord of all.