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It’s pretty incredible being in the second full day home with 5 in the house!  Michael is doing great, on a wonderful schedule and up just one time in the night.  He’s getting his rest and so is Mommy.  The boys are thrilled to have their Mommy and new little brother home and, quite frankly, so am I.  Forgive the lack of blogging the past two days.  The blog was very therapeutic for me during the past week and I will continue to blog about things in my life that move me, whether it pertains to Michael or any other members of my family, friends or Road experiences.  I don’t feel led to start a “Down Syndrome Blog”, although I’m sure I will reference some of the many resources you all brought to my attention.  Michael is now a part of our lives.  Down Syndrome is now a part of our lives but I don’t think it will define us.

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Yesterday, Sunday, was a big day for our family. I was leading worship at church and needed to be at there around 7:15 in the morning, Sarah was teaching Sunday School on a simple little subject: The Manifestations of God. (That was sarcastic). But given the nature of the Holiday season’s busyness, she wasn’t able to spend as much time in preparation as she’d have wanted, so she was up quite late Saturday night preparing. She did a fantastic job of course and the worship service was God-honoring, I believe, as the Spirit loves to work through human flesh. Our pastor had been sick all night and again right before the service, and you never would have known it.

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