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If you haven’t heard, I’ve been throwing down my thoughts on worship in CCM magazine recently. Give her a read and feel free to jump in with your own thoughts!

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We’re driving from Fort Wayne Indiana to Chicago right now. Literally driving into the sunset. It’s been one week since we started this promo tour and I am definitely feeling an interesting combination of fatigue and excitement.

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Friday was a big day in Seattle. We started the day at Spirit 105.3, I played MSMG and My Hope Is In You on the morning show with Matt, had a lunch with the staff and played them some songs, telling them some stories about the journey, we shot a twelve days of Christmas that Spirit 105.3 is going to do this year, should be hilarious. I got the 9 ladies dancing verse and we even coerced the station Music Director, Sarah Taylor to dance. Yep. You heard it hear first.

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