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It’s a sunny day in Pittsburgh which means that even though it’s 27ºF (it was 6ºF this morning!) with a snow covered landscape, I can sit in our unheated sunroom where it’s actually warmer than in the rest of the well-heated house.  On a cloudy day, it would be 27ºF in this room.  It’s rocking about 80º right now. Love it. #myofficeisasauna

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 A silent moment in the PICU by sarahshust
Michael’s surgery yesterday was intended to reveal quite a few things.  We needed to find out what was causing blockage in his airway, we anticipated it being adenoids, and it was: about 90% blockage.  They were able to remove the majority of the adenoids, leaving what is necessary to leave.

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My tweets have been my mini blogs.  But for those who are anti-twitter and facebook, I’ll fill you in.
It’s been a blast being out with Big Daddy Weave so far this Fall.  We have a few more shows in Kansas, New York, West Virginia, North Carolina, Georgia and Florida before Thanksgiving.  God has been doing some amazing things on this tour, the Redeemed Tour.

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I love the contrast I get to experience in worshiping God through song in various settings.  It keeps me on my toes.
When I’m on the road with my band we can experience the exuberance of a crowd who has gathered at their annual [insert Unifying Entity] conference and we’ve been brought in to lead them in worship.  They jump in before the first note and we end up being the ones holding on for dear life as the crowd drags us to the Throne room.
We lead worship sometimes to a crowd who has gathered for an “Aaron Shust” concert, they probably know most or some of the songs and came to participate in the experience into which I hoped to invite them to join.
We lead worship on tour with other artists before an audience 66% of which didn’t come to hear us, but still find themselves sitting through our set.

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