Jan 30th was Michael’s Due Date.  How fun that we got him for an extra 2 1/2 weeks!  Michael is incredible.  Absolutely, stunningly beautiful.  He is peaceful, alert, strong, still draining his bottles dry (getting his daily required intake) and started sleeping through the night at 12 days old!  Sarah actually has to wake him for his morning bottle.  Dude likes to sleep.
Michael’s favorite Expression
We’re still quasi-hibernating to do our best to stay healthy so that he doesn’t catch anything from us.  Again, he’ll have to have open heart surgery in the next couple months when his heart begins to fail he’ll need to be healthy (Without the proper number of valves and walls, his blood is getting all mixed up, they’ll do the procedure as late as possible so that his lungs grow to be as strong as possible.)  So anytime I leave the house, I shower when I come home.  Like Sunday after church.  I led worship in the morning and then at the church’s annual report dinner/meeting I had the privilege of presenting my annual Worship report for the first time.  Anyhow, a lot of handshakes and hugs meant that I had to be ceremonially cleansed before I touched my little boy.
Speaking of how incredible it is to be a part of a church body, our meals are taken care of from now until the end of March!  And seemingly every time one of Sarah’s friends is at the grocery store, they call to see if we need anything.  My former pastor in Atlanta told us that church membership is like being a citizen of your country or a member of your family, it comes with responsibility and the right to be disciplined, but also comes with incredible benefits.  Right now we are reaping the benefit of community.  (I’m not saying that if we refused to be members, they’d refuse to take care of us but…”membership has its privileges” right?  My Dad has bailed me out of things before, picked me up when my bike had a flat, fixed my broken down car, loaned me money when I needed it…paid for college!  He doesn’t do that for everyone, I assure you, he loves to care for me, because I’m family.  I also received discipline and instruction from him for years, because I’m family.  Same with church I think.
Right now, we are receiving care and abundant blessing from our church family.
Anyhow, that was an aside.  My back is feeling better.  Two adjustments two days in a row from awesome Doctor Large.  Let’s see, my pelvis was out, my 3rd and 4th vertebrae were heading in two different directions and I had 2 ribs out of place.  And my knee’s menisci had slid out of place…I was a mess.  When a doctor says, “Wow”, you’re a mess.  Time to get to know Dr Large a little better.