Do you believe that what the Bible says is true? Do you believe that Jesus came, He healed, He died and He rose? Do you believe that we, as believers, possess the authority and power that Jesus did when he healed the deaf? I do.
In John 14:12 Jesus says, “Truly, truly, I say to you, whoever believes in me will also do the works that I do; and greater works than these will he do, because I am going to the Father.”
With everything in me I believe these words. If you are a believer, then take hold of your inheritance and pray big! Pray with the authority and the power that Jesus did. And watch God move. Watch God heal. Watch God blow your mind.
Michael is undergoing a hearing test today that will determine which type of hearing aid he will need. The tests run in the recent past have shown severe to profound loss. Doctors say we need to move forward with aiding his hearing so his speech isn’t too effected in the future. I agree. We need to do something. I believe God can heal him and I believe that power of that healing is in us. Will he? I don’t know, but I will pray with the expectation that He will. Devastation happens everyday and people plead with God, beg God for a different outcome, a healing, a redo in life, and the result isn’t always what we desire, but we have to lean into what Isaiah 55:9 says about His ways being higher than ours. We may not always understand, but we need to trust that our God is good, He is who He says He is, He is Love and we can trust him.
It’s important to me that our little boy can hear and I will do whatever is necessary for him to attain that, but first, I will pray with the authority that has been bestowed upon me by the God of the Universe. Please pray with me. It is very important to me that you go into prayer on our behalf with the confidence that this is possible, so I’d encourage you to first bind, or ask God to take away, any doubt that this is possible and then loose, or ask God to fill you with, an unyielding faith that what the doctors claim to be impossible, IS possible. This is not just thinking on the bright side or being positive… This is declaring that the miraculous Can happen and you believe it.
Please pray with us today. Go before the Father with the boldness and confidence that He created you to walk in.