A silent moment in the PICU by sarahshust
Michael’s surgery yesterday was intended to reveal quite a few things.  We needed to find out what was causing blockage in his airway, we anticipated it being adenoids, and it was: about 90% blockage.  They were able to remove the majority of the adenoids, leaving what is necessary to leave.

They needed to take biopsysamples from the stomach and small intestine which they wereable to retrieve: results should take a couple weeks.

They needed to remove fluid and wax build up against his eardrums.  His ear canals are so tiny that pediatric ENTs haven’t been able to see down there with their tiny tools without Michael screaming in pain.  The plan was to install tubes in the drums unless the drums were too small, then they would simply cut into the drums to relieve pressure temporarily.  All the junk was removed but his drums are super duper small, no tube is small enough and even cutting the drum proved impossible.  He will need hearing aids to help be able to develop his speech…and to simply know what we sound like.  🙂
They discovered that his aorta is pressing up against his trachea, quite possibly responsible for his labored breathing he’s experienced since his open heart surgery in May.  We’re in the process of figuring out when we can get that fixed with cardiology.  Another surgery obviously.  But a major issue.
Somewhere near the end of this 90 minute procedure, the doctors were having trouble with his voice box surrounding his vocal chords being too small or too tight, so they intentionally nicked it so it would relax, a standard procedure, but because of Michael’s hypotonia (laryngomalacia), his airway collapsed.  They had to rush him to the PICU to stabilize him.  He spent the night on oxygen and medicine to help him breathe.  This morning they began to ween him off of the O2 thankfully.
Thank you all for your prayers and support as our family finds ourselves continuing to walk into the unknown.
The One who holds tomorrow
Holds me in His hand
And I will not fear the future
I’ll trust The Great I Am 
Who has been and always will be
Reigning on His Throne
For the One who holds me in His hand
Is the One who holds it all

(The One: From my upcoming album, written by Jonathan Smith, Benji Cowart and me)