Nate and Duffy rocking out at 100bpms
We just finished our second of two songs so far today.  The first is what I like to call a “Throne Room Song”.  The kind of songs that can take you to the foot of the Throne room in Heaven like Revelation Song by Jennie Lee Riddle or Agnus Dei by Michael W Smith can do.  Or like my song Worthy on my Whispered and Shouted album hopefully does.  It was a worshipful experience starting the day playing that song.  I think it’s beautiful and powerful sounding.
After a short visit from Chick-Fil-A we ventured out into record a barn-burnin’, fist pumpin’, hoe-down of a song inspired by an old hymn that I wrote with Michael Farren.  I’m listening down to it right now while Duffy finishes up his walking Bass line which is beautifully all over the place.
The sun is setting over Ed Cash’s head. We’re midway through a song that I wrote 2 days before Michael was born in the hospital whose words were my sanity through the unsettling first days of learning that our precious little boy had Down Syndrome and major heart defect.  It’s a song proclaiming God’s faithfulness that Paul Baloche helped me finish.  And right now it sounds fantastic.
Having the guys I always play with help create the vibe of each song, contributing to parts and the song order and tones etc is a breath of fresh air, and an absolute blast.