Life got so busy.  Even in the moments where I don’t have to be doing something, like now, I feel the tension and the pull to do what I should.  Like blog, or read, or have a devoted time of prayer.  I want to do all those things, but with one eye on the clock (almost 10pm) knowing that I probably could use the sleep, there is little peace in feeling like those good healthy things are a part of a checklist.  “Hurry up and read and pray then blog about that and go to sleep” That’s just stressful and not the point. 
It makes me think of one of Jason Gray’s Christmas songs called Rest (The Song of the Innkeeper).  One of my favorites, if that’s possible, on that album.  The Innkeeper tells of his encounter with a poor couple in need of lodging, he doesn’t have time to help them but at least they won’t be wandering about if they stay in his stable, he needs to get back to work and wishes for rest.  He goes on to tell of the songs he heard as a boy about a coming King, but keeping books and changing beds became a louder melody, a deafening melody and again he cries out for rest.  My favorite line and the one that makes me fight back the tears because I realize this could be me is this:


Tonight I can’t get any sleep

With those shepherds shouting in the streets
A star is shining much too bright
Somewhere I hear a baby cry
And all I want is a little peace

He missed it.  He completely missed it.  He’s the Innkeeper for crying out loud.  He has a character in the Fisher Price Little People Nativity Set.  But he completely missed it in the busyness.  In the busyness of providing lodging (poor lodging) for the Savior, he missed God’s coming to his very own home.  
God, in my singing to You, in my telling others of Your love, in my leading Your children in worshiping You, in my studying of Your Word, in my journaling and praying and interceding and my tweeting and sharing and advocating…may I not miss You.  
In Matthew 11:28 Jesus says, “Come to me, all you who are weary and burdened and I will give you rest.”