Today is the end of my one-week Social Media fast.  I abstained from TwitterFacebookInstragram and this blog because every once in a while it’s good for me to step away from some things that I do, to remind myself why I do them.  My last tweet was “I need Jesus more than Social Media. (and more than anything) But [I’m] taking a break from Social Media this week…” So this decision was not so much my replacing the time that I would have spent on Social Media with time at the feet of Jesus, because I don’t have a set hour, for example, that I tweet.  Those times are too sporadic.  I needed to reevaluate my approach.  But oh the time that was freed up! 🙂

I realized that the moments I wanted to tweet the most were not when I felt a silly obligation to let people know what I happened to be looking at but when a Spiritual truth would floor me, inspire me and change me and I wanted to share it.  I don’t think that everything I say will be full of Spiritual revelations, I’m sure I’ll still post pictures of my kids, sunsets and clouds from airplanes, but I know what is important to me.
I also learned that I need to stop wondering how many Likes or Retweets I’d get!  If I feel prompted to share a thought or a picture, that should be enough.  I like that.
So yesterday morning I was reading in Luke 10 where Jesus says, “No one knows who the Son is except the Father, and no one knows who the Father is except the Son and those to whom the Son chooses to reveal him.”  My spirit felt like a grade school kid raising his hand saying “Oo! Oo! Pick me! Pick me!” I want to know the Father, like really know the Father.  So I simply asked Jesus to reveal the Father to me, and I feel like that’s a pretty bankable prayer to pray.  Not a safe prayer necessarily, but bankable.
I want that more than I want safety: that’s so easy to pray for, isn’t it?  “God give us a good day, a good night’s sleep, keep us safe…”  Honestly, I’m never going to pray for danger, I’m not going to pray for trial, I not going to stop praying for the health of my family.  But if those things that I wish for aren’t part of what God wants us to experience, I pray that the Father would be revealed to us.  Because that is life altering.  And Life giving!
What would you be willing to set aside for a time, if you knew there were a possibility the Father would be more clearly revealed?