King Josiah remorseful
I woke up in my Comfort Inn bed this morning on my own, feeling quite rested, a nice change after 5 days of a head cold and restless nights.  My voice has been shot for the last two days, which happened to be over my trip to Nashville to have my photo shoot for the next album (July 17).  I have some time before my meeting with Centricity this morning so I threw open the curtains, turned the AC to Heat and crawled back in bed with my Bible.  I opened up to 2 Kings 21 and very studiously thought, “ok, sure.”
I read of King Manasseh, who did what the Lord said was wrong.  Everything God told His children to do, Manasseh did horrible things on the opposite end of the spectrum for 55 years.  Then he died, and his son Amon became king at age 22 and did the same things his father did.  He did what the Lord said was wrong, then he was killed by his own officers.  His son Josiah became king at age 8.
Josiah did what the Lord said was right.
At age 18 he discovered the Book of the Law in the Temple, and when it was read to him, he tore his clothes to show how upset he was.  He sought out the advice of God’s prophetess Huldah who delivered the message from God,  “I will bring trouble to this place and to the people living here… they have made me angry by all they have done, my anger burns against this place like fire and it will not be put out.”  
Then God lets Josiah know that He saw his remorse.
“When you heard my words…you became sorry for what you had done and humbled yourself before Me…You tore your clothes to show how upset you were and you cried in My presence.  This is why I have heard you.” 
Then God extends a strange grace.
“So I will let you die and you will be buried in peace.  You won’t see all the trouble I will bring to this place.”


God was going to let him DIE!? This struck me so hard.  Death, that we often see only as tragic calamity or a trial to be endured, was administered as a grace from God in this instance.  He remained true to His word, but administered grace and allowed Josiah to rule for 23 more years.


God’s ways are always higher than our ways!