I’m sitting in the Atlanta airport watching planes come and go making our big world small.  I’m a month and a half into this tour season and the farewells to the family are becoming more commonplace, therefore the boys aren’t crying as much, therefore I don’t cry as much.  I held my 3 year old Nicky last night at midnight after I’d taken him to the bathroom one last time, he hung mostly-asleep on my shoulder as I rocked him and sang to him.  As I did, I looked at the big map of the United States on the wall of my boys’ dark, quiet room.  And it struck me, the privilege I have to take Hope to the people of this one country.  In a big world, I get to bounce around these 50 states and sing praises to Jesus with you, sharing with you what our Lord is actively doing in our hearts with hopes to encourage you.  If I must leave my wife and boys for a season, what more noble purpose is there?  That’s rhetorical.  I love getting to share my time away with you all.


Easter. I told Michael the tomb was empty.
Michael is still on medication to strengthen his little body as long as possible.  He’s currently 7.5 pounds.   He’s desaturated a couple times, where his hands and feet will turn bluish-grey…one time his whole body did, as he struggles to oxygenate his blood.  We quickly reposition him, encouraging him back to deeper breaths.  It can be scary to be sure.  We’re praying for healing.  My friend Larry Smith says that if you’re going to pray, “Pray big.”  Elijah was a man just like and us and he prayed a dead boy back to life, fire from heaven and rain back to a parched land.  Big prayers.  I’m praying for a brand new heart before surgery is even needed.  But I’m completely good with whatever God wills.  His ways are higher!
God is teaching us so much about what is important, what is worth dreaming about, what is good. What it really means to be blessed.  More about how we are infinitely loved by an All Powerful Father who doesn’t need us, but knows we need Him.
Hope to see you out there.  Maybe we’ll get to talk about some of this.
Don’t forget to ask your radio station to play Risen Today 🙂 His resurrection is worth singing about more than just on Easter Sunday morning!  Thanks!